Should you require swimming pool cleaning and maintenance services in Canterbury, Kent Pool Services have you covered. Our maintenance services include cleaning, caring for and attending to the upkeep of your swimming pools, whatever type of property you have, on which the swimming pool is located or whether the pool is above ground or in-ground. Keeping a swimming pool safe and clean for swimmers is very important. This is because maintaining the water chemistry of any pool is not as easy as it seems, hence why you require a specialist firm like Kent Pool Services.

As a company we aim to provide top class maintenance services for swimming pools, hot tubs and their equipment across Canterbury. Our services are of a very high standard and we’ll offer you quality delivery and services. When it comes to the proper maintenance of your swimming pool, either done yourself or by a professional company like ours, it can be the difference between what seems to be a clean pool and one that really is clean!

Swimming Pool Maintenance Kent

Why do I need swimming pool maintenance?

When it comes to swimming pool maintenance, these services are essential when it comes to saving you money, especially as it could have been wasted in unnecessary procurement of new facilities. When jobs are carried out by professional companys like ours, as we have some of the best engineers in the industry, you’re bound to save more productive time for yourself to enjoy the pool more readily.

Pool maintenance carried from Kent Pool Services is one of the best ways to keep your pool in ship shape, this includes bathing in contaminated water and being injured due to equipment failures, etc. The quality maintenance and care of your pool keeps its beauty intact as well as granting you individual satisfaction in the knowing that it’s safe for all to use.

It’s important that you point out that proper maintenance of your pool is pivotal, especially when it comes to the longevity of your pool’s life’s span, this is for both the external parts and the interior ones. At Kent Pool Services we aim to provide you with the security you need to ensure that your pool is being looked after the way it should. We’re a company who helps both private and the leisure club industry, we pride ourselves in giving you value for money and quality services.

What do our services cover...

We carry out a range of services to a range of clients across the Canterbury area, this includes adding chlorine and other chemicals to pools, vacuuming pools, winterising pools, opening pools for the season, repair of swimming pool pumps, patching, repairing etc etc. The swimming pool maintenance services that we provide can be rendered to both swimming pools that are built into the ground or other property which is known as in-ground pool and above ground pools as well. So please give us a call and witness our professionalism in swimming pool maintenance.

For pool maintenance in Canterbury, call Kent Pool Services today

Here at Kent Pool Services we are one of the leading pool maintenance providers in the Kent area, we also provide swimming pool repairs and renovation help. Call us to find out more information on 07436 880167. We cover many regions around Kent including: Folkestone, Ashford, Whistable, Maidstone, Broadstairs, Ramsgate, Chestfield, Deal, Dover and villages between.

Pool Maintenance in Canterbury



When I started my new job, I struggled for time to maintain my pool. I called Kent Pool Services and now they take care of the stress for me. My free time is often spent in my pool, rather than looking after it!.

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