Hot Tub Maintenance in Deal

At Kent Pool Services we are on call to help with any hot tub servicing, if you are worried about the complex, comprehensive repair and maintenance that goes along with your hot tub, if your are in Deal or any surrounding areas give us a call today to see how we can help you with any hot tub maintenance issues.

We have been providing our customers in deal and the surrounding areas for many years, we offer a dedicated and comprehensive maintenance service which takes care of everything from filter cleaning to general maintenance and much more. Our hot tub maintenance and care is carried out by our fully trained and highly skilled team to ensure all aspects of work are carried out to the highest possible standard, regular maintenance of your hot tub will help to prevent any costly repairs from being needed.

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What Does Hot Tub Maintenance Consist Of?

Hot tub servicing and maintenance is a very important part of owning a hot tub. Proper maintenance and repair can prevent bacteria which can result in health issues, however not everyone has the time to do this themselves, this is where Kent Pool Services are happy to assist.

We use high quality products to ensure superior hot tub care;

  • Sanitizer – A hot tub is a great statement piece for a get together with friends and family however the more people hanging out in your hot tub the more germs are introduced. Without regular maintenance, your hot tub installation will continue to collect germs.
  • Chemical Balance – Hot tub maintenance isn’t far from pool maintenance, levels need to be checked on a regular basis to ensure your chemicals remain balanced. This is something we check, we keep an eye on pH levels and alkalinity leaving you stress free.
  • Temperature – Your hot tub should stay hot at all times, if your hot tub reaches a freezing point it can become completely out of commission. Frozen water can cause tubes and appliances to crack, which means you’ll have to seek repairs. It is always best to work with professionals and offer your hot tub consistent maintenance to prevent freezing.

Why Choose Us For Hot Tub Maintenance in Deal?

We offer our hot tub maintenance services to both residential and commercial customers within the Deal and surrounding areas. With years of experience carrying out hot tub maintenance, we have honed and developed all of the skills and knowledge needed to ensure a professional service is provided.

Here are some of the reasons we think you should choose us;

  • Our winterisation services can keep your hot tub or pool in good standing year-round
  • For your convenience, we offer weekly and monthly service plans for spa and hot tub maintenance
  • Can carry out maintenance on any type of hot tub
  • We cover the whole of the Deal area

Contact Kent Pool Services for Hot Tub Maintenance in Deal

Kent Pool Services we provide a hassle-free service. Our hot tub maintenance experts will help you with general maintenance and do any needed repairs that your hot tub requires to extend its longevity. We cover the whole of Deal and the surrounding areas. For more information call us today, one of our friendly team members will be happy to assist you hot tub needs.

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When I started my new job, I struggled for time to maintain my pool. I called Kent Pool Services and now they take care of the stress for me. My free time is often spent in my pool, rather than looking after it!.

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