Pool Party Ideas

Pool Party Ideas

Swimming PoolPlanning a party by the swimming pool? Are you looking to have a small and quiet get-together? Perhaps you are looking for big and loud festivity? However, you choose to throw your poolside party, we’ve have some great ideas to help you celebrate in style. From themes to big splashes, there’s nothing you can’t do with a swimming pool.

Swimming Pool Party Themes

Just like any part the best thing is bringing friends and family together. Make sure you pool is cleaned before hosting a part to ensure your guests make the most out of the swimming pool. Continue reading to find out some of the most popular pool party themes.

Movie Night

Everyone loves movies and parties so why not combine the two together. Move your big-screen television outside or use a projector. Projector can be used against large plain walls and there’s no need to use a special screen. All you need to do is provide some comfortable seating and flotation devices and you’ll be able to sit back, relax and enjoy both the water and your favourite movie. This is also perfect if you have a hot tub too.


Hawaiian CocktailsNothing says pool party like a Hawaiian theme; it combines everything from affordability to fun games and much more. Get your guests to dress up for the occasion and make everything bright and flowery and everyone will feel like there in Hawaii. Go as small or large scale as you like from exotic food, to cocktail and tiki torches and much more, your swimming pool will feel just like a Hawaiian beach.

Beach Party

It’s simple to create a beach barbecue party around your backyard pool. Attire is simple – kick back in flip-flops and swimsuits! Use the children’s sandbox and build a sand castle. Decorate tables with seashells and fish nets. Cover chairs with beach towels. Use plastic pails and shovels, and even Frisbees, to serve hors d’oeuvres and drinks. Float toy sailboats in the pool. Grill hot dogs, hamburgers and corn on the cob and serve classic boardwalk food, like popcorn, snow cones and French fries for your family and friends.

Vegas Nights

It’s not about casinos but those long hot Vegas nights. From moody neon tube lighting to bright and vibrant clothing, you can bring your own bit of Vegas home to the UK with you. Offer Vegas themed food such as large mixed buffets and if you want to go all out then set up some blackjack or poker tables. Don’t forget to fill your pool will floating lidos so guests can sit back, relax and enjoy a Vega style cocktail.

Relaxing Spa Day

Pool RelaxationSpa days are perfect for both hot tub and swimming pool parties. With a spa day you can invite your friends around and enjoy the warmth of the pool. From bubbling champagne to fancy cocktails, everyone loves to relax with a spa day. Add some aromatherapy oils to your hot tub and you’ll truly be able to relax with your friends.

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