How To Clean A Patio

How To Clean A Patio

Before you can relax in your garden, it might be a good idea to give the patio a quick spruce-up especially after such a lengthy, wet winter. Algae and moss can build up and they can make surfaces slippery, and earth is bound to have washed into the tiles. No matter what your patio might be made of using a brush, water and some elbow grease will have it looking great again in no time at all.

Tips For Cleaning The Patio

Before getting started with cleaning your patio there a few top tips to follow, some of which are listed below.

  • When using cleaning products wear gloves
  • Keep pets and children inside when using bleach
  • Never mix chemical products together
  • Wear old clothes that you don’t mind getting messy

Jet Washing

Cleaning The Patio

Before cleaning it’s important to clear your patio of pots, furniture and ornaments. Any broken items or rubbish should also be thrown away at this point. Then you should clear the patio and this can be done by pulling up the biggest weeds.

Smaller weeds can easily be pulled up using am old kitchen knife. Try using a weed killer to help prevent the weeds from growing back; helping to keep your patio looking great for longer. Natural products such as vinegar and salt can help to strip back algae and grime without using harsh chemicals.

Most patios are going to be stained and mossy after the winter, so it will need a good wash-down. Hot soapy water will clear most dirt away however bleach and a good hard brush will help to get rid of those much more stubborn stains. Brush the entire patio vigorously. If you’re using bleach, avoid getting it on grass or plants as it can kill them. One cleaned down then you should rinse the patio using a hose, it’s important to flush any excess water and dirt down the drain to avoid it re-drying on the patio.

Jet Washing

Pressure WashingA steam or pressure washer, will give your paving or patio a really deep clean and will bring the colour of the stones out. You can hire your own or contact a professional jet washing specialists and they’ll be happy to carry it out for you.

When pressure washing, you should start by working your way over the surface of your patio removing as much grime as possible. Working in sections can help you to see the difference the power washer is making. It’s best to sweep the pressure washer back and forth over the surface, as it’s a powerful jet and can cause damage. It’s important to lightly go over joints to avoid damage the main structure of the patio.

A Finished Patio

Once you’ve cleaned down your patio, you might think it’s ready to go. However, you should check the cement and replace any that’s missing to keep your patio in good order. It might even be advisable to finish it off with a sealer. Professionals like Kent Pool Services will help to keep your patio looking great all year around.

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